A Bright mission

Unmatched expertise, efficiency, and reliability. We are the indispensable technology partner, with in-house service and maintenance, across all our technologies, and commit to leading the renewable gas industry through technological advancement, focusing on sustainable production.
Biogas-upgrading - Bright-Renewables

In-house, comprehensive tech

We stand unique as the only global technology company fully integrated in biogas upgrading, CO2 liquefaction, biomethane liquefaction, bio-CNG, and carbon capture. Our distinct edge lies in our comprehensive in-house capabilities, encompassing manufacturing, software development, and service & maintenance for all technologies. This unparalleled integration ensures unmatched expertise, efficiency, and reliability across every aspect of our renewable energy solutions, solidifying our leadership in advancing sustainable energy technologies. We take immense pride in our daily pursuit of developing new technologies to expedite the global energy transition.

A Bright history

Bright Renewables, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, is a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector, deeply rooted in a tradition of innovation and sustainability. As a family-owned business within a larger group established in 1991, Bright has grown to have a presence worldwide, including our production facility in Poland and offices across Europe and the US.

Since our milestone in 2012 of building the Netherlands’ first commercial biogas upgrader, we haven’t stopped. We’ve not only realized over 200 projects worldwide but also continuously developed other technologies, including our own energy facilities that we own and operate, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to advancing renewable gas technology.

Bright Renewables - CEO JKT
Bright Renewables - Biogas Upgrading - Bio-LNG

A Brighter future

Our dedication to innovation is further demonstrated through our full-scale R&D facility in the Netherlands, where we continuously refine and expand our technological capabilities. Bright operates with specialized business lines for sales, engineering, and services. Looking forward, Bright Renewables is committed to leading the sustainable energy transition, leveraging our innovative spirit to power a cleaner, brighter future.

Technology synergy

Our dedication to being a family company with technology synergy reflects our commitment to driving positive change in the renewable energy landscape. Our comprehensive expertise in renewable energy technology solutions is enhanced by in-depth in-house service and maintenance across all delivered technologies, ensuring high operational availability and continuous production processes for our clients across a large variety of industries.

Our project commitment

Prioritizing customer orientation, safety, and sustainable operations, we streamline project delivery with standardized processes and prefabrication at our in-house production facility. This approach enables us to achieve short lead times, bringing RNG systems online within 30 weeks and carbon capture systems within 35 weeks. Our systems, designed for seamless integration with both new and existing facilities, are modular, prefabricated, and maintain over 97% operational availability, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every project.