Biogas upgrading projects in Czech Republic: one completed, four underway

20 April 2023
Bright Renewables is proud to boost biomethane production with five biogas upgrading projects in the Czech Republic. Bright delivers and constructs the five biogas upgraders for three separate clients located across the Czech Republic. Combined the biogas upgraders will produce 1510 Nm³ biomethane per hour and the yearly production will be equivalent to the annual gas consumption of 11,000 Czech households.

Bright Renewables offers biogas upgrading technology in a compact and modular design, PurePacs, with a wide variety in range. Biogas upgrading technology maximizes the value of the biogas as well as being cost-effective, creating additional revenue and contributing towards a more sustainable future.
Biogas-upgrading - Bright-Renewables

Five biogas upgrading units

The first project, Energetic Center of Horní Sucha, has been completed and the biogas upgrading system is actively converting 750 Nm³/h of biogas to 420 Nm³/h of biomethane. The biogas purifier, a PurePac Medium, is located at the site of our client Organic Technology. With the addition of Bright’s technology, Organic Technology maximizes the value of its biogas and ultimately produces biomethane from biowaste. The produced biomethane is fed into the national grid.

The second biogas upgrading unit is located in the south of the Czech Republic. The project is currently in the construction phase. The biogas upgrading system will convert 400 Nm³/h of biogas into 230 Nm³/h of biomethane. Commissioning of the biogas purifier, a PurePac Compact, is scheduled for the summer of 2023. The first gas-to-grid is planned shortly after the commissioning, the biomethane is used for injection into the national grid.

The last three biogas upgraders will be constructed for the same client and are located over different regions in the Czech Republic. The biogas purifiers, all PurePac Compacts, will produce 230 Nm³/h, 280 Nm³/h, and 340 Nm³/h of biomethane. The three projects are at the moment in the realization phase. The retrieved biomethane will be supplied to the national grid.

Strengthening the available energy mix

Creating renewable energy, such as biomethane, from (bio)waste is a step towards a more sustainable future. Additionally, the injection of biomethane into the national grid of the Czech Republic has a positive effect on the diversity of the available energy mix. Therefore the five biogas upgrading units contribute to the overall (renewable) energy supply of the Czech Republic and actively cater to a more sustainable energy mix. Bright has realized many projects in multiple countries, strengthening a sustainable energy mix worldwide.