Biomethane from Feces & Sewage Sludge Waste

23 December 2020
Renewable gas from feces. Yes, you have read that correctly. You could be cooking or taking a hot shower using renewable gas produced from your own toilet visit. Power to the poop is an understatement! All the feces and sewage sludge waste from people and companies located in the Dutch region Altena in the province of North-Brabant in the Netherlands are now processed to biomethane. This is done at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Sleeuwijk. Bright supplied the biogas upgrading system to upgrade the produced biogas to biomethane. The recent commissioning of the system was successful, allowing the first renewable gas to be distributed through the gasgrid of the Dutch grid operator Enexis yesterday. 

Biogas Refinement

The biogas upgrading system is part of the ‘Energy Factory West’ at the WWTP. Biogas produced from sewage sludge, or any waste stream, is not yet suitable for the gasgrid due to its low methane content. In the Netherlands, a methane content of 89% is needed for distribution through the gasgrid. Therefore, the biogas is upgraded to biomethane with 89% methane content.

Quick & Easy Commissioning

Bright Biomethane’s biogas upgrading systems and the trouble-free commissioning wouldn’t work as excellent without its smart operating system that ensures biomethane-to-grid within a few minutes after start-up. The automated operating system ensures the highest up-time, i.e., the Wobbe-index and methane range can be quickly adjusted without disconnecting from the gasgrid. Continuous monitoring and actively adjusting the flow and quality of the biomethane ensures a stable quality of the product gas and low maintenance.