Continuing our strong growth with acquisition of Greenmac

1 July 2021
Bright Biomethane acquired Greenmac, a Dutch biogas upgrading technology specialist, from The RootselaarGroup. Rootselaar is currently in the process of strategical reorientation where the focus will be put more on the core business of pressure vessels, cryogenics and gas systems. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Bright as it enters the next phase of growth with Greenmac’s extensive portfolio and broad international experience.

Strong biogas upgrading portfolio

Greenmac specializes in the design and turnkey supply of biogas upgrading systems with more than 30 years of deep technology experience in the field of membrane and amine technology. Additionally, Greenmac holds a strong service and maintenance organization with an installed base across Europe. Joining forces allows Bright to expand its extensive in-house engineering capabilities on (bio)gas cleaning technology, and adds  a large new network in several regions, particularly in the DACH region.

“We see a great opportunity to support Bright with its global ambition to develop the industry and are delighted to continue working as colleagues for worldwide deployment of renewable gas systems”,says Geurt Aalderink, Director at Greenmac who will hold a management position at the engineering department of Bright.

Global Biogas Innovator

Bright, headquartered in Enschede in the Netherlands, is a global leader in membrane biogas upgrading technology. Its product portfolio includes standardized containerized upgraders, CO2 liquefaction, virtual pipeline, service support across bio-CNG and bio-LNG applications in addition to biomethane. This development will accelerate Bright’s strong organic growth across the Globe and allows Bright to continue its focus on innovation of the variety of gas treatment applications combined with best-in-class service and maintenance offering.

Maarten Holtkamp, Commercial Director of Bright:

“Bright has established itself as an industry leader in a relative short period of time. The acquisition is an important step in realizing our strong growth ambitions and Bright’s target annual revenue of €100 million in the next years. We look forward that both teams join forces for the continued rollout of global renewable energy projects by offering technologies and products aimed at converting biogas into valuable and sustainable end-products”.

Ambitious growth

The acquisition provides Bright with a unique opportunity to grow in activities by adding amine-based absorption technology to its range of products and expanding its portfolio to over 150 project references across the world. This is in line with Bright’s mission to improve deployment and conversion of biogas from organic residual streams and landfill gas, while continuing to ensure the highest long-term value, the lowest carbon intensity, greater independency on geopolitics and more employment opportunities in local areas worldwide.