Developing a Bright biogas upgrader in Murcia, Spain

2 January 2023
Bright is contracted to develop and deliver a biogas upgrading system at a waste management plant in Murcia, Spain. The biogas waste stream comes from the biogas facility at the waste management plant and the biogas upgrader converts 400 Nm3/h of biogas into 154 Nm3/h of biomethane. The produced biomethane will be used for grid injection. Currently, Bright is developing multiple projects in Spain. 

Membrane technology

At the biogas production facility, the biogas will be upgraded to biomethane using membrane biogas upgrading technology. The biogas upgrader, PurePac Compact, has a capacity of 400 Nm3/h and will be extended in the future to a maximum capacity of 700 Nm3/h. At the moment, the project is in the construction phase and commissioning will begin in February 2023. The first gas-to-grid is planned shortly after.

“Biogas upgrading technology plays an important role in increasing sustainability. Biogas upgrading systems increase the availability of renewable natural gas, while simultaneously reducing Spain’s dependency on natural gases. The potential in the Spanish renewable energy market is substantial and Bright has multiple projects in the pipeline. We are eager to develop this project and make it a successful one. It’s fantastic to deliver and develop the technology to convert waste into renewable energy and at the same time the waste management plant takes a step forward to sustainability”, says Orgita Gjonca, Area Sales Manager at Bright Renewables.

Prefab system

To ensure a quick process, Bright develops the technology off-site, making the technology a containerized prefabricated design for plug & play installation on-site with a quick start-up. The design and patented control system make it possible to inject specification compliant biomethane into the grid within a few minutes of start-up. No water or chemicals are needed in the process which means that there are no disposal problems, such as acid water or chemicals.