Biogas Americas (US)


Biogas Americas 2023: Join Bright on May 15-18 in Chicago, Illinois, US

Bright Renewables is excited to join this event and at the event, we will explain our latest innovative solutions in the biogas and biomethane industry. With our extensive experience in renewable energy, we are proud to contribute to the development and growth of the biogas industry. It is an important component of our commitment to a sustainable future.

At Bright Renewables, we are committed to developing sustainable energy solutions. This commitment helps our clients meet their environmental goals while also driving economic growth.

Why Attend?

Attending Biogas Americas 2023 is a great opportunity to learn about biogas technologies, network, and discover new business opportunities. Additionally, it contributes to the advancement of the biogas industry. We encourage all interested professionals to join this exciting event.

Biogas Upgrading

Bright Renewables Purepacs are well-proven systems that upgrade biogas to a methane-rich product gas. Biogas upgraders use highly efficient membrane technology, which enables the Purepac to achieve a separation efficiency of over 99.5% which makes biomethane suitable for injection in the national grid or compression to CNG.

The PurePacs comes in four different sizes – mini, compact, medium, and grand – catering to the production needs of various industries. While the mini size is specifically designed for agricultural and wastewater treatment plants, the others are suitable for all industries. One of the benefits of a Bright biogas upgrading system is the 99.5% methane recovery, and the low electricity consumption of 0.22 kWh/Nm3 biogas.

CO2 Liquefaction

The Bright Renewables CO2 liquefaction systems offer a advanced technology. It recovers and liquefies CO2, providing an additional source of revenue for biogas plant owners. The system ensures zero methane slip by recovering any remaining methane during the liquefaction process. Moreover, the recovery system can be put in standby mode when no liquid CO2 production is needed, requiring no additional energy.

This in-house technology uses clean circular cooling with CO2 from its own process as a refrigerant, avoiding the use of harmful refrigerants. The technology is containerized, making it easy to install on-site and it has quick commissioning. CO2 is a necessity for the horticulture, food, and refrigeration industries. Producing liquid bio-CO2 can create an extra revenue stream. Furthermore, it reduces emissions and improves the carbon intensity score of the facility. Moreover, it addresses the issue of decreasing CO2 availability from the fertilizer industry due to higher natural gas prices.

Biogas Americas 2023

Biogas Americas 2023 is the largest conference of the biogas industry in the United States. The American Biogas Council will hold the event in Chicago, Ilinois, US. This conference is essential for anyone involved in the biogas business. Besides, it offers a platform to network with professionals, like Bright Renewables, from the industry. The Bright team is looking forward to meeting you at booth 714.