CO2 Recovery webinar (US)

On March 25th our Bright colleague Jafeth Bulsink will present at the online CO2 Recovery Webinar at 1pm Eastern.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge on CO2 liquefaction with you. Greenetec presents a free webinar on opportunities to capture CO2 on Biogas RNG projects. One of Bright’s industry experts, Jafeth Bulsink, will give an introduction to CO2 recovery from gas upgrading tail gas.

Bright’s CO2 liquefaction

Bright Renewables CO2 liquefaction system offers a sustainable solution to recover CO2 from the biogas upgrading proces or from the carbon capture proces and converts it into liquid bioCO2. This technology is an essential add-on for biogas upgraders or carbon capture systems.

Learn more at the CO2 Recovery Webinar. You can register here for the free webinar.