European CO2 Summit 2024 (AT)

Join us at the European CO2 Summit at table 11 in Telfs, Austria. Discover how Bright Renewables is leading the way in sustainable CO2 solutions with CO2 recovery technologies, fostering advancements that benefit both industry and the environment. Here, we participate in the European CO2 Summit 2024 from February 19-21. This premier event is dedicated to advancing discussions and solutions around carbon dioxide management, making it a pivotal platform for us to showcase our in-house CO2 liquefaction and carbon capture technologies.

Set against the backdrop of Telfs, Austria, the summit brings together industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers to explore the latest in CO2 utilization and reduction strategies. Bright Renewables will be at the forefront, presenting our technologies designed for many industries, project developers, and companies managing biogas and flue gas stream processes. Our participation underscores our commitment to sustainability and our role in transforming CO2 emissions into valuable resources through efficient liquefaction.

Additionally, our post-combustion carbon capture technology offers a pathway for significant environmental footprint reduction, aligning with global sustainability objectives.

European CO2 Summit 2024

The European CO2 Summit 2024 represents an opportunity for collaboration and innovation in the field of CO2 management. It is an ideal platform to connect with industry professionals, project developers, and companies looking to embrace innovative CO2 solutions. We look forward to engaging with fellow attendees, sharing insights, and exploring collaborations aimed at fostering a more sustainable future.

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