RNG Forum 2023 (CAN)


Bright Renewables invites you to attend our presentation at the RNG Forum on April 6, 2023, at Centrexpo Cogeco in Drummondville (QC), Canada between 08:00 – 09:30 in room A.  Bright’s representative John Hawkes is excited to meet you at his presentation about the management of VOCs in biogas purification and to provide you with his expertise on PurePac biogas upgraders, CO2 liquefaction, and bio-LNG technology. We look forward to your presence and participation at the event.

We are excited to announce that John Hawkes, the Business Development Manager of Bright Renewables, will be sharing his expertise on the management of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in biogas purification at the event on April 6. As it is known, VOCs are a fact of life in biogas purification, and Bright Renewables has extensive experience in effectively managing these impurities in our European biogas plants. As well as his presentation at the RNG Forum, John will also be speaking at the Value of Biogas conference in Toronto on 26 April on design considerations, operation, and service of membrane RNG upgraders.

RNG technology

Bright Renewables is a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for the energy industry. Our extensive range of offerings includes biogas upgraders, CO2 liquefaction systems, and Carbon Capture systems. Bright Renewables provides full support throughout all process steps, from engineering to commissioning and final acceptance. Our experience, expertise, and commitment to sustainability make them a valuable addition to any event focused on renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

“We chose for Bright because we saw the quality of the installation and recovering maximum heat was a prerequisite for us. We were first a bit doubting of our own capability of understanding the system, but it turned out well as the system is automated and the operators training was very informative and effective. We are proud to contribute more sustainability in agriculture and in our region.”

Customers Frederic Gronimus & Laurent Mathis | PurePac Medium

Why Attend?

By attending the Bright Renewables in RNG Forum, you will have the opportunity to learn about our biogas upgrading, CO2 liquefaction, and bioLNG technology. We have a wealth of experience in supporting all aspects of the process, from engineering and commissioning through to final acceptance.

RNG Forum

Uniting and empowering all stakeholders in the RNG industry is the goal of the RNG Forum 2023. Furthermore,  RNG Forum is dedicated to accelerating the dissemination of information and the creation of business opportunities. The goal is to increase the production of RNG not only in Canada but globally.