mcTER 2023 (IT)

Bright-Renewables - Biogas-upgrading-system

Visit Bright Renewables at mcTER and meet with the Bright team and other industry professionals. Bright is a platinum sponsor of mcTER and the event takes place in Milan, Italy, on June 29th. Be sure to come by and learn more about our technologies; biogas upgrading and CO2 liquefaction. Join the presentation of our colleague Alessandro Cicero and learn more about technologies. Do not forget to register to secure your ticket.

Biogas Upgrading Technology

Bright biogas upgraders, Purepacs, are efficient systems that upgrade biogas to biomethane. With over 99.5% separation efficiency using membrane technology, our biogas upgrading systems produce biomethane suitable for grid injection or CNG compression. Available in different sizes, our biogas upgrading units cater to various industry needs while providing a 99.5% methane recovery.

Learn more about our technologies in depth during Alessandro’s presentation: “Biomethane Sustainability: the advantages of CO2 recovery”. Alessandro will tell you more about the Italian regulation regarding sustainability certification and the impact of CO2 recovery combined with the UPG system.

CO2 Liquefaction Technology

CO2 liquefaction systems from Bright recover and liquefy CO2, generating additional revenue for biogas plant owners. These systems ensure zero methane slip by capturing any remaining methane during liquefaction. The recovery system can be placed on standby when liquid CO2 production is not required without consuming extra energy.

This technology is containerized, facilitating a quick on-site installation and commissioning. Liquid bio-CO2 production offers an additional revenue stream and reduces emissions while improving the facility’s carbon intensity score.


mcTER, Milan Conference on Biogas Technology and Renewable Energy, will provide an ample platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration while focusing on the latest advancements in biogas upgrading technology. The Bright team is looking forward to meeting you at mcTER, register now and secure your ticket.