La Vanguardia: Biomethane in Spain & Fueling cars with bio-CNG

24 February 2021
Fueling cars with bio-CNG from agricultural residues and pig manure. While Spain still has a long way to go regarding biomethane production, this is already reality at a biomethane production location in Vila-Sana. Commissioned by Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF), Bright constructed in 2018 the biogas upgrading system at a pig farm in the Spanish Vila-Sana. The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia featured this bio-CNG project, including a video-item.

The bio-CNG project is part of LIFE+ Metamorphosis, a European financed project with the objective to recover energy from organic solid waste from both municipal and agro-industrial and farming sources to obtain alternative and sustainable fuels.

Biomethane in Spain

Biomethane is necessary to achieve the environmental objectives proposed by the European Union (EU). Biomethane production in Spain is not yet booming but has a lot of potential. Development of specific incentive measures for biomethane plants are of great importance in the transition, development, and growth of biomethane production in Spain. Bright’s biogas upgrading systems are easy to integrate with any existing or new to realize biogas plant.

Read the article and watch the video by La Vanguardia!