RNG project with Canadian Client won by Bright Biomethane

28 October 2021
Bright Biomethane expands its presence in the North American market with a first order for a membrane biogas upgrader for a Canadian client: the Oakville, Ontario based Berq RNG. The project is expected to be operational by the second half of 2022.

Bio-CNG Deployment

With the realization of this project, a biogas plant with a CHP system for heat and power production at a remote dairy farm is converted to a renewable natural gas (RNG) production location. No gas distribution net is in place at the project location. But virtual pipeline technology comes to the rescue: the output is compressed to bio-CNG and transferred to a grid entry point nearby where it is distributed to the end-user. The PurePac Compact to be delivered has a capacity of 450 Nm3 biogas flow per hour and is fully designed and built to be fit for the climate conditions of the project location.

Project director Keith Derrington of Berq RNG said:

“We are happy with our choice of Bright Biomethane for this project. Bright’s experience with agricultural projects and the installations they have around the world in a wide range of climates was a winning solution for this project”.

Worldwide RNG deployment

Broad international experience in over 25 countries and an extensive portfolio, has made the handling of country-specific requirements an ingrained part of Bright’s project management. Bright is advocating for continuous improvement of deployment and conversion of biogas from organic residual streams and landfill gas, while continuing to ensure the highest long-term value, the lowest carbon intensity, greater independency on geopolitics and more employment opportunities in local areas worldwide.

“We are very pleased and proud of this project reflecting the rollout of our technology that makes it possible to produce renewable energy at any location”, said John Hawkes, North America Sales Representative of Bright. “We look forward to furthering our cooperation with Berq RNG, a highly experienced and knowledgeable party in the biogas industry, and the continued rollout of more RNG projects in North America”.