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Biogas upgrading as a Service

Focus on your core business while we invest, develop, operate, and maintain a biogas upgrading system, leading to efficient and worry-free valorization of your biogas.
Bright Renewables - BAAS Biogas upgrading As A Service - Project Enschede Grolsch Netherlands

Your biogas upgraded

Maximize your biogas potential effortlessly with Bright’s Biogas Upgrading as a Service. Bypass the need for investment and operational activities in biogas upgrading systems. Whether your goal is to transform biogas into biomethane, bioCNG, or bioLNG, Bright is here to manage all downstream biogas upgrading activities for you. We facilitate a smooth transition to high-value, sustainable energy solutions, overseeing every aspect of the biogas upgrading process.

Key benefits

  • Outsource your biogas upgrading activities
  • No investment needed, Bright invests
  • Increased sustainability of your operations / company
  • Focus on your core business
  • Receive an additional revenue from biogas sales
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Maximize biogas value

With Bright as Energy as a Service company, Bright is the investor and operator of the biogas upgrading system. In this collaboration, Bright converts your produced biogas to sustainable end-products and ensures a sustainable and efficient handling using highly efficient membrane technology. This results in an optimal and sustainable use of your biogas stream, creating value. Upgrading as a Service propels you towards carbon neutrality, maximizing biogas value without investment or operational burdens.

Your biogas, our expertise

Comprehensive service model
Advanced and proven technology and sustainability
Financial and operational advantage
Uninterrupted performance and support
Off-balance solution: Bright invests
Benefit from our expertise in biogas upgrading.

Optimal use of biogas

Optimize the use of biogas with biogas upgrading systems, transforming biogas into high-value renewable natural gas (biomethane). Utilizing advanced membrane technology, our systems efficiently valorize biogas from any organic waste, while ensuring minimal energy loss. Suitable for all types of new and existing biogas plants in any industry, and suitable for biogas produced from any form of organic waste, including municipal sludges and wastes, and landfill gas .