Carbon capture systems: CarboPac-C

Carbon capture systems to capture CO2 from post-combustion flue gas and transform into liquid or gaseous CO2 to achieve carbon-neutral or negative energy production.
Bright Renewables - Carbon Capture - Project Greenmac

Post-combustion CO2 capture

Our modular built CarboPac-C systems capture CO2 from combustion flue gas to produce liquid or gaseous CO2. This allows thermal energy and combustion plants to reduce CO2 emissions resulting in carbon neutral or carbon negative energy production. Carbon capture is an essential add-on for companies aiming to make their combustion processes cleaner and more sustainable. Our CO2 liquefaction system can be easily integrated for food-grade liquid bioCO2 as end-product.

Our product range

CarboPac-C Mini

Ideal for small-scale facilities, this system offers an efficient post-combustion carbon capture production.

CarboPac-C Compact

Tailored add-on system for any combustion plant offering carbon capture production without the extensive footprint.

CarboPac-C Medium

For larger CO2 capture operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in a manageable size.

CarboPac-C Grand

This system is suited for large-scale carbon capture, offering maximum capacity and unparalleled performance.

Key benefits

  • Operational in 35 weeks
  • For any type of combustion process with flue gases
  • High guarantee of own supply
  • Carbon neutral or carbon negative production
  • Local production decreases dependency on big producers
  • No transport costs due to local and on-site CO2 production
  • Small-scale post-combustion CO2 capture
  • Modular built, prefabricated units
  • Portable test unit ‘CarboPac Pathfinder’ with VSA technology of 1TPD CO2 production capacity

Product specifications

System size
CO2 captured (@12% v/v)
CO2 captured (@7% v/v)
Carbon dioxide purity
Low grade heat requirements (95 °C)
Gaseous carbon dioxide
Suitable for add-on of CO2 liquefaction technology
CarboPac-C Mini
500 - 2,500 Nm3/hr
40 ft.
100 - 500 kg/hr
50 - 300 kg/hr
> 99.99%
CarboPac-C Compact
2,500 - 5,000 Nm3/hr
45 ft.
500 - 1,000 kg/hr
300 - 600 kg/hr
> 99.99%
CarboPac-C Medium
5,000 - 12,000 Nm3/hr
40 ft. + 20 ft.
1,000 - 2,500 kg/hr
600 - 1,500 kg/hr
> 99.99%
CarboPac-C Grand
12,000 - 40,000 Nm3/hr
45 ft. + 45 ft.
2,500 - 8,000 kg/hr
1,500 - 4,500 kh/hr
> 99.99%
Bright Renewables - Carbon Capture Technology

Any industry, any combustion process

Bright’s carbon capture technology efficiently recovers CO2 from flue gases. Essential for industries including biomass boilers, gas boilers, lime kilns, cement kilns, chemical plants, oxy-fuel plants, fuel cell, and RDF boiler plants, our systems seamlessly integrate into any combustion process with a flue gas. Our in-house and modular built technology supports circular economy principles by capturing post-combustion CO2 capture and CO2 production, making it a smart choice for forward-thinking operations.


  • Biomass boilers / CHPs
  • Gas-fired boilers / CHPS
    Bright Renewables - Carbon Capture - Project Greenmac
  • Cement kilns
    Carbon capture for cement kilns
  • Lime kilns
    Carbon capture for lime kilns
  • RDF boilers / CHPs
  • Fuel cell
  • Oxy-fuel plants
  • Chemical plants
    Bright Renewables - Carbon Capture Technology
Bright Renewables - Biogas Upgrading - CO2 Liquefaction - Project Heek Germany

Gaseous or liquid bioCO2

Our CO2 Capture technology is characterized by a modular built approach that allows us to provide a cost effective solution, while remaining flexible to project specific conditions. The modular and compact containerized units are available in the range of 300 – 8,000 kg/hour (2-20 MWt boiler installations) and can either deliver the CO2 in a gaseous form, or be combined with an in-house developed COliquefaction system to provide liquid CO2.