Renewable gas systems

Complete renewable gas systems suite including biogas upgrading systems, CO2 liquefaction systems, biomethane liquefaction systems to produce bioLNG, and bioCNG systems. In-house service and maintenance for all technologies available under one contract.
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Our renewable gas systems

Our biogas upgrading system stands as the optimal enhancement for biogas plants, offering a boost in functionality and efficiency. Similarly, our CO2 liquefaction, bio-LNG, and bio-CNG systems are designed as perfect add-ons to biogas upgrading systems, further maximizing the potential and sustainability of biogas projects. Together, these technologies provide a comprehensive solution, elevating the value and environmental benefits of biogas production. Next to our renewable gas systems, we also provide carbon capture.

PurePac - Biogas Upgrading

PurePac biogas upgrading systems with a range of 100 - 12,000 Nm3/hr (and higher) biogas inlet capacity utilizing membrane separation technology. For biogas and landfill gas upgrading. (100 - 7477 SCFM)
Biogas upgrading

PurePac-CNG - BioCNG production

Our bio-CNG system is a virtual pipeline solution and the lifesaver for biomethane deployment and growth when no gas grid infrastructure is in place.
Bio-CNG Production Systems
CarboPac-L - CO2 Liquefaction CarboPac-L - CO2 Liquefaction

CarboPac-L - CO2 liquefaction

CO2 liquefaction systems to recover CO2 from the process, produce food-grade liquid bio-CO2, and improve your carbon intensity (CI) score. Compatible with biogas upgraders and carbon capture systems.
CarboPac-L - CO2 Liquefaction
PurePac-LNG | BioLNG prodution system PurePac-LNG | BioLNG prodution system

LiquiPac | BioLNG production system

Biomethane liquefaction technology of Bright to convert biomethane into bio-liquefied natural gas, also known as bio-LNG and liquid biomethane.
Biomethane liquefaction (bio-LNG)


Our complete renewable gas systems suite can produce biomethane for gas-to-grid injection, bioLNG, and bioCNG, while also capturing CO2 from the biogas upgrading process for liquefaction into bioCO2.

  • Biomethane
    Bright Renewables PurePac Compact - Biogas Upgrading - Project Anger France
  • Bio-LNG
    Bright Renewables - Biogas Upgrading - Bio-LNG
  • Bio-CNG
    Bright Renewables - Biogas Upgrading - Bio-CNG - Project Michigan USA
  • Bio-CO2
    Bright Renewables - CO2 liquefaction - Project Heek DE
Bright Renewables - Biogas Upgrading - Membrane technology - Upgrading skid

Best biogas & landfill gas utilization

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of renewable gas systems, encompassing biogas upgraders, CO2 liquefiers, and systems for bioCNG and bioLNG production. Our PurePac systems utilize membrane technology for efficient biogas and landfill gas upgrading, catering to a wide range of plant sizes and producing biomethane, bioCNG, and bioLNG effectively. By integrating our CarboPac-L CO2 liquefaction systems with (y)our biogas upgrading and carbon capture technologies, we enable the production of food-grade CO2, opening additional revenue streams for plant owners.

Short leadtime & high operational availability

By standardizing processes and utilizing our in-house production facility for prefabrication of our RNG systems, we are able to shorten lead times, operationalizing projects in just 30 weeks. Designed for compatibility with both new and existing facilities, our systems are prefabricated, modular, and boast over 97% operational availability.