Start of the build of a biogas upgrader in Barcelona, Spain

11 November 2022
Bright Renewables has been contracted for a new biogas upgrading project with membrane technology in the province of Barcelona, Spain. Two waste streams produce 500 Nm3 biogas per hour: 320 Nm3 from a municipality waste stream and 150 Nm3 from a wastewater treatment plant stream. This will be purified by the upgrader to 270 Nm3 of biomethane per hour and fed into the gas grid.

Increased sustainability

“By upgrading the biogas to biomethane, the client takes another step forward towards a more sustainable business. It is great that we can be part of this process by supplying technology that enhances the potential and use of their available biogas. Biogas upgrading is an important technology to develop sustainable energy goals and increase the production of renewable gas in Spain. We are eager to develop this project and see great potential in the Spanish market for Bright with multiple projects in the pipeline.”, says Orgita Gjonca, Area Sales Manager at Bright Renewables.

Biogas upgrading technology

Bright provides the biogas upgrading technology, a PurePac Compact, in a standardized plug-and-play 40ft compact housing. At the moment, the project is in the engineering phase and construction will begin in early 2023. The first gas-to-grid is planned for the end of summer 2023. Bright has previously completed a bio-CNG project in Spain.

To achieve the product renewable gas with the required methane content, Bright uses membrane technology. This is necessary as biogas is not directly suitable for the natural gas grid. After treatment and upgrading into biomethane, this sustainable gas is suitable for addition into the existing natural gas grid. The membrane modules in the system are arranged in three stages. Membranes pass CO2 easier and quicker than methane.