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Bio-CNG and virtual pipeline

Bio-CNG and virtual pipeline technology allows for easy transportation of long distances via a virtual pipeline. BioCNG is generated through the compression of biomethane / RNG.
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Bio-CNG technology

Converting renewable natural gas into bio-compressed natural gas (bio-CNG) facilitates the long-distance transport of gaseous fuels. The increased density of bioCNG allows for efficient movement between locations. Bio-CNG is generated through the compression of biomethane with an interstage compressor. The technology features a compact design and is strategically positioned after the biogas upgrading unit to optimize space utilization.


    • Virtual pipeline and easy transportation
    • Containerized and compact design
    • Improvement of the Carbon Intensity (CI) score
    • Interstaged compressor
    • Minimized operating and maintenance cost
    • Minimized vibrations
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Bio-CNG compressor

This technology compresses the biomethane / RNG to 250 bars to increase the energy density. A process conducted in phases for enhanced energy efficiency. Through multiple compression stages, biomethane is efficiently compressed. Following compression, the bio-CNG is loaded into cascades for transportation and distribution to gas stations or internal use. The technology has incorporated a cooling system for energy optimization. Converting renewable natural gas to bioCNG not only reduces environmental impact but also boosts economic viability, particularly benefiting off-grid regions where bio-CNG production proves essential.