Two new completed biogas purification projects in the Netherlands

2 February 2023
Bright Renewables has built biogas upgraders at two existing biogas plants in the Netherlands, one in the province Overijssel and one in the province Limburg in Heibloem. The plants have been in operation for several months and convert the biogas, derived from the anaerobic digestion of waste and manure, to biomethane using membrane technology. Through the natural gas network, the biomethane reaches the end user. In addition to supplying the technology, Bright has been contracted for maintenance services. Bright has currently realized a large number of projects in the Netherlands, and several are under construction.

On an annual basis, the two new biogas upgrading plants together generate more than enough renewable energy to meet the annual gas needs of 6,000 households in the Netherlands.
Bright-Renewables- Homel-upgrader

Biomethane: global demand

Bright’s upgraders have been a great success worldwide, due to the strong increase in demand for renewable natural gas. Bright has built projects in the US and Australia and more than 20 countries in Europe, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Scotland, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, Ukraine, Finland, and Spain, among others. In the Netherlands, the government uses the SDE++ subsidy and HBEs certification to encourage the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The deployment of biogas upgrading systems is a means of increasing decentralized biomethane production.

“Biogas upgrading technology is a good and sustainable addition to the customer’s already existing biogas plants. The produced biomethane, or renewable natural gas, is a sustainable replacement for fossil fuels such as natural gas. By doing so, the customer invests in a sustainable future of their own company and contributes on a larger level to the energy transition and biomethane production ambitions of the Netherlands,” said Jeffrey Kruit, Area Sales Manager at Bright Renewables.

Prefab & Gatekeeper

The characteristic of Bright’s biomethane systems is the compact, standardized, and prefabricated design. The main advantages are fast delivery, easy integration into any type of existing or new biogas system, and fast commissioning after a short construction time on site. In addition, Bright in the Netherlands, with its own fully integrated technology, performs the gatekeeper function for gas quality control and monitoring. Bright also invests in biogas projects under ‘Biogas Upgrading as a Service‘. In this model, Bright purchases the biogas and installs a biogas upgrader that remains owned by Bright.