Upgrade of CO2 liquefaction technology at AD facility Wabico, the Netherlands

2 February 2024
Bright Renewables built the upgrade of the CO2 liquefaction technology at Wabico, an AD facility in the Netherlands. The CO2 purification technology is unique in the usage of clean CO2 as a refrigerant, thus increasing the overall sustainability and bio-CO2 production of the plant. Bright provided the new and advanced technology for Host Group, which has ownership of Wabico.

Bio-CO2 as a refrigerant

The innovative CO2 liquefaction technology utilizes CO2 as a refrigerant, replacing traditional Freon or Ammonia. This different approach brings several benefits, since bio-CO2 is a natural refrigerant it is also environmentally friendly and safe. Furthermore, this technology enhances the efficiency of CO2 purification. Which leads to reduced operational expenses and increased (bio)CO2 production. Using clean CO2 also optimizes energy consumption, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. Bright applies this advanced technology to all our CO2 liquefaction projects worldwide.

Biogas upgrading - PurePac Grand- Wabico NL - Bright Renewables

CO2 purification technology

Through our in-house CO2 liquefaction technology Bright can ensure high-quality pure liquid CO2, which can be applied to a wide range of industrial uses. Due to our compact and modular design, the technology is effortlessly integrated into existing biogas facilities. Simultaneously this technology allows for the recovery of CO2 with the highest level of purity (> 99.99%).

CO2 liquefaction - Wabico, Netherlands - Bright Renewables

Vital technology

A CO2 liquefaction system is a vital add-on technology for any biogas upgrading plants nowadays. Therefore, Wabico’s adoption of this new technology marks a key stride towards more sustainable and efficient bioCO2 production. In addition to improving the CI score, this CO2 purification system not only opens up additional revenue streams but also supports the production of liquid food-grade bio-CO2. Bio-CO2 is essential for industries like horticulture, food, and refrigeration.

Improving CI scores worldwide

Bright ensures decarbonization worldwide with our renewable gases and carbon capture technology projects. All our technologies – biogas upgrading, CO2 capture, CO2 liquefaction, bio-LNG, and bio-CNG – play a significant role in improving the carbon intensity (CI) score by reducing CO2 emissions released during biogas or biomass processing. The CI score measures emissions per energy unit, meaning it is positively impacted by such advancements. Numerous countries encourage the implementation of renewable energy or carbon capture technology with incentives like subsidies.